Benefits of Raisins for health

1- Raisin, which is the dried grape of special species, is found throughout the year and is an energy-rich, low fat and low sodium food. So, it’s so helpful for the patients with low sodium diet.
2- It has antioxidant property and prevents from cell destruction.
3- Raisin is also helpful for bone density and prevents from low bone density; therefore, it’s so helpful for women, especially before menopause period.
4- It’s as good source for vitamin D and estrogen hormone.
5- Despite it is a sweet nut, it has not adverse effect on teeth; even if prevents from teeth decay. It’s so helpful for teeth and gingival.
6- It is a good source for vitamins and essential nutrients like iron, potassium, calcium, and vitamin B.
7- It is a rich source for iron: 100gr. Raisin contain 1.88mg iron hence 100 g beef contain only 2-4mg iron.
8- It is also a good source for fiber, antioxidants and energy.
9- It prevents from colon carcinoma and helps the cells to grow up normally and it controls blood sugar.
10- Add a little raisin to mea; it reduces the food fat and increases iron and fiber and reduces sodium content of the meat.
11- The antioxidant property of raisin prevents from aging and the relevant diseases.
12- It prevents from carcinoma.
13- It reduces the LDL or blood cholesterol and reduces the cardiac disease events.
14- If you take raisin every day for 4 weeks, the blood antioxidant will be increased and bad cholesterol (LDL) level will be decreased.
15- It reduces stress level.
16- The sun dried raisin will cause better performance of vascular system.
17- It’s prescribed for stomach abnormalities and prevention from constipation. For this purpose, you can soak 5-6 raisins in water and take it after few hours.
18- The researches have shown that the sportsmen, who take one cup of raisin before their competition, save their body better against injury than others.
19- Due to its fructose content, its energy is rapidly consumed and it is helpful for weight loss.
20- It is helpful for eyes just like carrot.
21- It reinforces the nervous system.
22- It makes the body fresh.
23- It frees you from anger.
24- It causes lose of extra water of the body.
25- If frees you from unpleasant mouth odor.
26- It reduces the spasm events.
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