Dried fruit Negin Tak Malayer Company

This company is among the first production, business and commercial companies in industrial producing and supplying and packing of high quality dried fruit with private ownership that started its activity in 90th in Malayer.
The main production of the company is Raisin and the processed products of this dried fruit kid products made of processed Raisin and creative products out of Raisin, date, peanut and nuts and cookies made of natural sugar with mechanized packing.

Raisin production technology has used Regional commercial knowledge to produce 100% natural products and the company is upgrading its quality of products customer satisfaction is assisted by creating a mechanism for maintaining and upgrading the quality of products and creating and knowledge provide ground for maintained expansion of market and consumer satisfaction the Royal costumer knows that no other company can provide such services and the competitors should know that we have the experience of exporting our products to abroad.

Educating the effective human resources and maintaining the standards of chining human staff system and creating the process of changing knowledge to wealth by extending the research center is our main objective we want to provide the ground for employment of the staff and workers and we respect their personality all the national laws should be respected by us at different commercial sectors and keeping the environment is within our priority.

In order to create a smooth and forward path we need to keep an effective economical balance and we should afford the fiscal resources, so the company prefers low profit rather that high profit but tries to attract the investment of the investors and takes into consideration the moral and ethical values.

HALAL Certificate

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Purpose of this standard is determined by the compliance requirements and specifications of raw materials and food products at each stage of the food chain, which is consistent with the provisions of Islamic law.

The processing and production of raw materials and food products, we need to observe good hygiene and manufacturing requirements, technical standards and operating procedures comply with the health authorities and the specific standards for each product is required to comply with the requirements of this standard.

The standard for raw materials and food additives or products that are of animal origin or intoxicant or raw materials, additives or products that may be in any stage of the food chain or non-Halal in contact with unclean materials or the materials used in its manufacture may change the nutrient of dissolving is applicable.

Halal refers to food and beverages that are permitted by Islamic law. These materials that have the following characteristics are as below:

- Not harmful to consumer health and community
- The material at every stage from production to consumption and compounds is prohibited without dirty.
- Requirements relating to health, safety and suitability of food is also observed
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Our Products

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About Us

Negin Tak Malayer Company started it career in the 90th and was registered in 2004 with 5 private members and in 2013 was constructed on 4000 meter square field and currently is going to be completed at the end of the year and will be inaugurated.

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Address: :unit 5, second floor, 39thsq 840/5, Farjam St. Resalat Sq. Tehran, Iran.
Phone: +98 2177271795
Fax: +98 21 77271796
Email: info@negintak.com
Sales: sales@negintak.com